Becoming a predator’s predator is a dream come true for many people. Imagine catching the king of the seas, the shark. The reason why we made this post about Shark Fishing in Cancun.

Shark Fishing Cancun
Happy friend after Shark Fishing Cancun with Fishing Boats in Cancun

Cancun Shark Fishing Season

Although most of the large species that are available in Cancun for fishing are during some date ranges, the shark is one of these fish that are available for fishing in Cancun all year long.

If you want to see the compatibility of dates between the shark and another species, visit our Cancun Fishing Calendar.

How to fish a Shark

As the barracuda, sharks are predators. So it’s important to have the perfect live bait and to be at the perfect point where they feel comfortable and of course, hungry.

The best time to do it is very early in the morning. We always recommend starting the fishing journey, very early. 7:00 am at the latest.

The fittest technique is trolling, which means that we go off-shore. Usually, it is in the Isla Mujeres deep area where we perform this type of fishing.

Equipment and engine makes the difference

If you are reading this, is probably because you have experience and you are looking for a specific catch. So it is more than obvious to say that the quality of the equipment to resist a shark bite and fight.

In fishing boats in Cancun, all of our boats are equipped with Shimano and Senator rods, chairs, and an engine to maneuver the boat perfectly. Take a look at our Deep Sea Fishing Boats.

We recommend spending at least 6 hours on board to have a positive outcome. Finding a specific species is difficult, and it requires patience and good vibes.

If you have more questions about the sharks or fishing in Cancun, please contact us.